Digital services  Denver, CO
We strive to provide the most up-to-date technologies to our patients and utilize the latest technology to deliver outstanding treatment results and increased patient comfort. We pledge that we will not use a technology until it has been proven to be effective and safe. In addition, our staff is trained to properly use technology to provide safe and efficient care for our patients.

Digital office  Denver, CO

Digital Office

We are proud that our office is completely digital! From patient forms and patient information storage to computer processing of credit card payments, we can serve our patients more efficiently. We also provide electronic claims processing with most insurance carriers for increased accuracy and timely response.

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Digital X-rays  Denver, CO

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays, or radiographs, are used in our office to provide us with invaluable information about your oral and dental health. By placing a wireless sensor in your mouth and using high-tech computer software, we are able to generate digital images of your mouth significantly faster than traditional X-rays. Not only are they friendly to the environment, they are much safer than traditional X-rays, reducing your radiation exposure by 90 percent!

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Sterilization  Denver, CO


In our office, your safety is our top concern. Our sterilization procedures meet or exceed dental care standards. Before and after every appointment, all treatment surfaces are cleaned and disinfected. Each member of our staff uses new disposable masks and gloves for each patient. Instruments and handpieces are brought to our dedicated sterilization area, where they are rinsed thoroughly and heat-sterilized. Our sterilization equipment is monitored and inspected regularly for maximum protection.

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